1. No Shoes to be worn on the play equipment

2. Socks must be worn by both children and adults at all times. Socks are available for purchase at the Snack Bar or Front Desk if needed.

3. Parents/Guardians must supervise children at all times

4. No strollers allowed in the play area. Please feel free to park your strollers in our designated stroller parking lot to minimize clutter in the play area.

5. Nursing mothers please feel free to use our special nursing room.

6. Smoking is not permitted on the premises

7. Adults should feel free to use the equipment with their children.

8. Our staff has access to first aid equipment so please see staff immediately if first aid is needed

9. Sharp objects such as pens, pencils, and jewelry must not be taken into the play areas

10. No food, drinks, sweets, or gum to be taken on to the play equipment. Please keep food and drinks in the designated areas only.

11. Fun Republic is not responsible for any lost, stolen or damaged personal property brought onto the premises.

12. Height and age restrictions are in force for the safety of all children

13. Children who are unwell must not use the facilities

14. Rough play will not be permitted. Children who are bullying others or who damage the toys/equipment may be asked to leave the premises

15. Please listen to Fun Republic staff and follow additional safety rules as explained

16. We want to keep Fun Republic clean for all of our guests so please feel free to use our complimentary hand sanitizer located throughout the facility and put toys back in their place after use.

17. Please notify management of any problems or concerns


1. No shoes allowed. Socks must be worn by children and adults at all times.

2. Please slide one person at a time down each slide.

3. Please do not climb up slides or outside of equipment.

1. Only 3 riders in the train area at a time.

2. One rider per train at a time.

3. Please limit train ride to 3 minutes when other guests are waiting.

1. No outside food or drink allowed. We have a snack bar with light snacks and beverages available.

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